Hydraulic hammers, attachments, buckets and spare parts for excavators

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Since 1995 our company is supplying spare parts and equipment for excavators, autograders, road- and building engineering for trading and production companies.

Specialists of the Tradicia-K Company Ltd. will help to select the necessary hydraulic equipment: hydraulic hammers and crushers, clamshells, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps and motors to carry out your tasks.

Single-bucket excavators are used for the open-cut soil excavation and loading into dump trucks. Hydraulic excavators are designed for different types of work can be equipped with several types of work equipment: bucket, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic shears, dipper shovel.

Hydraulic hammer is kind of interchangeable working equipment of hydraulic excavators and loaders. Hydraulic hammers are designed for frozen soil loosening and crushing oversize solid rock, breaking pavements and concrete structures.

Hydraulic hammer can be installed in place of bucket or blade, and connected to the hydraulic system of excavator. In winter, the use of hydraulic hammers reduces the cost of excavation and increase productivity, which is especially necessary in the elimination of accidents in underground communications.

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