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Tradicia-K Company Ltd. was founded in January 1995.

Company Management, as well as many officers are graduates of the Moscow Road Institute (MADI).

The CEO (General Director) of Tradicia-K Company is Dr. Kirillov (PhD). Gennady Kirillov is participated in the development of many types of road-construction equipment, which currently used in our country and abroad.

Our specialization — Replacement equipment and spare parts for excavators

  • hydraulic hammers for all sized of domestic and foreign produced excavators;
  • spare parts for domestic produced excavators;
  • hydraulic equipment.

Tradicia-K Company Ltd. is the official dealer of leading excavation equipment manufacturers. We are cooperate with many major domestic manufacturers of road-construction equipment and spare parts.

Our customers

Our customers are companies of building, road-construction, extractive industries and public utilities in Russian Federation and CIS countries.
We are supply products to anywhere in Russia, and export to CIS countries and Eastern Europe. More than 4000 companies form our customer base.

Our Factory

To better meet the needs of customers, we gradually build productive capacity. We have developed the manufacturing of buckets, rollers, teeth, adapters, and bucket bits for road-building machinery. We have developed and now produce hydraulic hammers, as well as a working tool, accessories and supplies for domestic and imported hydraulic hammer. We achieve an output of high quality production by using modern diagnostic equipment.

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse facility is located very conveniently - it is placed in 1 km of Moscow Ring Road (inside the ring), equipped with materials handling equipment and is serviced by qualified personnel.

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Warranty and repair service

Highly skilled personnel with over than 10 years of experience, own factory and repair base are allow us to carry out the following works:

  • diagnosis, repair, modernization and warranty service of domestic and foreign hydraulic hammers;
  • diagnosis (on-site) and repair of hydraulic excavator equipment (distributors, control valves, hydraulic motors, pumps, etc.);
  • installation and connection of hydraulic hammers to excavators. It is possible to work right on place of an excavation or in our depot.

If you will have trouble during installation of a hammer, acquired in our company, our specialists will advise you by phone.

Delivery Methods

We carry out delivery of goods to everywhere in Russia, CIS countries and abroad.

We have contracts with such carriers as "Gruzovozoff" and "Autotrading". With their help, we regularly deliver products to our customers. We deliver our production to cargo terminals of these carriers in Moscow for free. If these carriers do not work in your region, we are ready to consider the possibility of shipment to another carrier, which you can offer.

Also you can use your own transport.

Products export

Company Tradition-K is exporting products to the CIS (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus) and Baltic region.

If shipment amount is more than 300 thousand RUR (or 8 thousand EUR) we perform an execution of export documents at our own expense.

Payment for exported products may be made in RUR or EUR - at the discretion of the buyer. Also, the letter of credit is accepted in terms of payment.

How to order

If you wish to receive prices or if you have interested contract terms, please contact our managers.

If you have difficulties in choosing required products, you can request to e-mail or fax a drawing or photo of any subassembly or unit, so you can to mark necessary items.

Please, contact us

Phone/Fax: +7 495 727-40-69 (multi-channel)

E-mail: mail@tradicia-k.ru